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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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The setpoint entry displays the current converted setpoint for the actuator as a multiplied by 10 percentage value. If the input is set to CFM (not Pos) input and you clicked the check box, the voltage converts to a CFM. The CFM goes through the valve curve as a CFM to position. See user settings tab for more information.

The percentage position, multiplied by 10, displays in the setpoint field. To view the percentage position, click the get setpoint button. The state of the CFM (not Pos) input check box determines entry of a CFM or position value into the set point field.
  1. To pass the values to the controller, click the Set Setpoint button.

The passed value is effective if the use AI setpoint check box on the user settings tab is not clicked. If selected, the UVM uses the voltage on the IN input as the CFM and position setpoint. This field can find operational faults without a variable voltage source.

The feedback field shows the position of the feedback sensor as a percentage value multiplied by 10. The value is accurate if the factory or the user calibrated the feedback sensor. In normal operation, this value is close to the get setpoint value.