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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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The CFM value is the current CFM value derived from UVM. The value is either the CFM calculated from the feedback sensor in conjunction with the valve curve, or the CFM calculated from the VAV velocity multiplied by the VAV box area. The VAV velocity calculates the value when the VAV is checked.
  1. To read the current CFM, click the Get Current CFM button.

The summed CFM value is the total number of CFMs from communication replica UVMs. The primary UVM requests CFM values from a maximum 16 replica UVMs and adds those values together.

Also included is the CFM value of the primary UVM. If the primary UVM is not part of a valve or VAV box, ensure a 0 local CFM value generates internally. This function is applicable to a special summed revision of the UVM code and is not the standard code release.
  1. To read the current total system CFM, click the Get Summed CFM button.