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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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You can read and write all the settings from the UVM on the Misc tab. You can also view the serial number, module revision, and calibration date on the Misc tab.
Important: The save displayed values to file button saves the configuration software values. The button does not save values in the UVM. Before you make changes to the UVM settings, click Save Displayed Values to File and save the .xml file in a secure location. To save the values in the UVM, click Get All Settings from Device when you have received the setting.
To find the serial number and calibration date on the unit:
  1. Click Get Serial Number or Get Calibration Date buttons. For a visual example, see Figure 31.

You can set the alternate secondary address of the module as well. The unit responds to both the DIP switch set address and the software set alternate address. The DIP address can be used for initial setup and small clusters of UVMs. If more than 16 units are on the bus, use the alternate software address.

Note: When using write all settings to device on a new device, do not overwrite the existing calibration information.
  1. Set the address of the UVM module that you want to interact with from addresses 0 to 15. The addresses are from the DIP switches on the unit. See Table 9 for more information.
    Note: The unit can have an internal secondary address, labeled +16, that it responds to automatically.
  2. To confirm that communication is present, click Get Revision. The revision number appears in the Misc tab module revision box.
  3. To save a copy of these settings to your computer, click Save Displayed Values to File.