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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Quicksleeves are an optional accessory to accelerate the installation of the valve. Each valve requires two quicksleeves, one on the inlet side and one on the outlet side of the valve. Due to the reduced diameter of the valve body, it is necessary to install the quicksleeves with the turned groove on the valve. This ensures that an airtight seal forms when the quicksleeve tightens around the valve. For correct hardware, mounting, sealing and installation requirements, consult the local building codes.

Figure 1. Mounting a quicksleeve valve

Quicksleeve order numbers

Table 1. Quicksleeve order part numbers
SKU order number Description
8IN-DUCTSLEEVE 8 in. (203 mm) Ductmate quicksleeve valve X1EA
10IN-DUCTSLEEVE 10 in. (254 mm) Ductmate quicksleeve valve X1EA
12IN-DUCTSLEEVE 12 in. (305 mm) Ductmate quicksleeve valve X1EA
14IN-DUCTSLEEVE 14 in. (356 mm) Ductmate quicksleeve valve X1EA