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VD-1250 Series Aluminum Volume Control Dampers Catalog Page

Johnson Controls
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VD-1250 Volume Control Damper
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Table 1. Selection Chart
  Ordering code number Field
Application V = Volume control V
Blade Operation O = Opposed

P = Parallel

Blade/frame E = Extruded aluminum blade or aluminum frame (VD-1250)  
Bearing/seal S = Standard (synthetic or Ruskipreneā„¢)

E = Extended (stainless steel or Ruskiprene)

T = Vertical blade (thrust or Ruskiprene)

Actuator A = M9208-AGC-3 or M9220-AGC-3

(24 V, floating, spring return)

B = M9208-GGC-3 or M9220-HGC-3

(24 V, modulating, spring return)

C = M9208-BAC-3 or M9220-BAC-3

(120 V, two-position, spring return)

D = M9208-BGC-3 or M9220-BGC-3

(24 V, floating, spring return)

F = M9106-AGC-2 or M9116-AGC-2

(24 V, floating, non-spring return)

G = M9106-GGC-2 or M9116-HGC-2

(24 V, modulating, non-spring return)

N = No actuator

P = D3062-3 or D3153-2

(pneumatic 8-13 lb spring range)

Width All models: 005 to 192 (parallel blade),

006 to 192 (opposed blade),

005 to 999 (vertical blade), 1 in. increments




Height All models: 005 to 228 (parallel blade),

009 to 228 (opposed blade),

006 to 999 (vertical blade), 1 in. increments

Options (limit two) See Factory Options for descriptions and combinations.  
  • Not all combinations are available; check selector tool for valid combinations.
  • Actuators may restrict maximum sizes; check selector tool for valid maximum sizes. Actuators, by default, come externally mounted (outside air stream). Use option Q for internally mounted actuators.