Start-up sequence - Johnson Controls - S1-SE-CUA1001-0 - Universal Adapter

Universal Adapter Installation Guide

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Universal Adapter
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When you apply 24 VAC power to the unit, the adapter begins a start-up sequence.

During the start-up sequence, the LCD displays a start-up text and a countdown. The buttons are not functional.

The following table shows the status of the LEDs during the start-up sequence.

Table 1. LED status during start-up
LED Status
Power (green) On steady if the adapter receives power
Fault (red) Blink
Comm (green)

On steady for approximately 10 seconds, and then blink: normal communication

On steady continuously: communication lost

After the start-up sequence finishes, the display indicates if communications have been established with subordinate controllers.

The home page of the LCD cycles through the adapter's active alarms and its current communication status. The red fault LED turns off.