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Universal Adapter Installation Guide

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Universal Adapter
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Before you begin

Ensure that the equipment controls that you want to connect to the UA are powered off.

About this task

The following figure and table describe the Universal Adapter point types.

Figure 1. Universal Adapter terminations

Table 1. Universal Adapter terminations
Callout Name Description Type Termination Type
1 Binary inputs (BIs)
W1 Thermostat W1 signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
W2 Thermostat W2 signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
Y1 Thermostat Y1 signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
G Thermostat G signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
Y2 Thermostat Y2 signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
O Thermostat O signal 24 VAC Screw terminal
2 Thermostat 24 VAC power terminals
R 24 VAC class 2 supply 24 VAC Screw terminal
C 24 VAC class 2 common 24 VAC Screw terminal
3 USB For firmware update USB2.0 USB
4 UA power supply and Modbus communication terminations
B- Communication data (inverted) Comm - Screw terminal
C 24 VAC class 2 common 24 VAC Screw terminal
R 24 VAC class 2 supply for powering the UA 24 VAC Screw terminal
A+ Communication data (non-inverted) Comm + Screw terminal
5 n/a Current-limiting fuse, maximum 3.2 A, 19.1 mm ATO fuse holder n/a n/a
6 SA Bus MAP Gateway connection RS-485 RJ-12
7 Analog inputs (AIs)
AI1 Return air temperature 1 and 2, sensor product code: S1-TE-636GV-2 Resistive Screw terminal


  • Risk of Electric Shock
  • Disconnect the power supply before making electrical connections to avoid electric shock.
  • Risque de décharge électrique
  • Débrancher l'alimentation avant de réaliser tout raccordement électrique afin d'éviter tout risque de décharge électrique.
To wire the UA, complete the following steps:
  1. Connect one or both return air temperature sensors to the AI1 and AI2 screw terminals on the UA. If the sensor wires include a connector, cut off the connector and strip the wires.
    Note: Temperature inputs accept a 10k thermistor type 2 sensor.
  2. Connect the thermostat to the BI terminations on the UA.
  3. Connect the equipment controls to the communication terminations on the UA.
  4. If the UA connects to an outdoor control, power on the outdoor control.
    • Risk of Property Damage
    • Do not apply power to the system before checking all wiring connections. Short circuited or improperly connected wires may result in permanent damage to the equipment.
    • Risque de dégâts matériels
    • Ne pas mettre le système sous tension avant d'avoir vérifié tous les raccords de câblage. Des fils formant un court-circuit ou connectés de façon incorrecte risquent d'endommager irrémédiablement l'équipement.
  5. Supply power to the adapter by powering on the connected indoor control.
  6. Optional: Connect the MAP Gateway to the SA bus port to configure the adapter through the MAP gateway user interface.