MS/TP Device Mapping - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012523 - Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module

Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module Technical Bulletin

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Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module
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Installation Instructions
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About this task

Before you map a TDA Module into an NAE:


  1. Decide which points within the TDA Module need to be mapped. Only map the points that need to be viewed or commanded on a regular basis, or require alarm or trend extensions. Excessive mapping lowers system performance.
  2. Verify that a Field Bus is defined in the NAE. BACnet MS/TP devices attach to a Field Bus. Refer to the Metasys® N2 Communication Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-636018) for instructions on how to define a Field Bus.
  3. For Metasys system software earlier than Release 4.0, verify that a BACnet Integration is defined for the Field Bus. The TDA Modules are mapped as BACnet MS/TP devices under a Field Bus BACnet Integration. Refer to the BACnet Controller Integration with NAE/NCE/ODS Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201531) for instructions on how to define a BACnet Integration.
    Note: Metasys system Release 7.0.2 or later software is required for proper support of text strings on all network points.


At this point, you can map the TDA Module and the required points inside the TDA Module.