Connecting the MS/TP Bus - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012523 - Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module

Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module Technical Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module
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Installation Instructions
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  1. Set the MS/TP address of the TDA Module according to the engineering drawings.
    Note: For more details on wiring the MS/TP Communications Bus, refer to the MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011034).
  2. Observe the polarity when connecting the bus wires to the TDA Module.
  3. After the bus wires are connected to the first MSTP device, continue in a daisy-chained fashion to the next device.
    Note: The bus wiring must be twisted-pair lines. Do not run bus wiring in the same conduit as line voltage (30 VAC or above) or other wiring that switches power to highly inductive loads (such as contactors, coils, motors, or generators).


The TDA Module is configured for automatic baud rate detection. Do not exceed the maximum number of devices allowed on a field bus. Be sure that the wiring terminations are set correctly and all communication wiring is daisy-chained with no taps.