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Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module Technical Bulletin

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Temperature Data Acquisition (TDA) Module
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Table 1. Network Parameters

Network Setting Parameter


BACnet Instance ID (Automatically Configured)

This is the instance ID of the device on the BACnet MS/TP bus. BACnet MS/TP systems use the instance ID for identification of the device. BACnet instance ID is automatically generated by adding the BACnet MAC Address to 5000.

BACnet Device Address (User Configured)

This is the physical MAC address of the BACnet MS/TP device on the bus. It can be set from 4 to 127 using the address switches mounted on the unit. Two devices on the same bus cannot have the same BACnet MS/TP device address.

MSTP Baud Rate (Automatically Configured)

This is the baud rate that the TDA Module communicates on the network. TheTDA Module auto detects the baud rate of the BACnet MS/TP bus and operates at that speed.

BACnet Encoding Type

This is the method of data encoding and is used by the BACnet MS/TP bus. TheTDA Module uses ISO 10646 (UCS-2), which is the encoding used by the Metasys platform.