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TRUERH Humidity Controllers
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Table 1. Accessories (Wall Mount Humidity Controllers Only)
Code Number Description
ACC-DWCLIP-0 Drywall Spring-Clip Mounting Kit (10 per package)
ACC-INSL-0 1 Foam Pad Kit for Wallbox Mounting (10 per package)
ACC-INSL-11 Foam Pad Kit for Surface Mounting (10 per package)
GRD10A-608 Plastic Guard with Baseplate and Mounting Ring
T-4000-119 Allen-Head Adjustment Tool (order in multiples of 30)
TE-67D0-601 2 Door Replacement Kit with Johnson Controls® logo (order in multiples of 10)
TE-67D0-602 Door Replacement Kit without logo (order in multiples of 10)
1 These foam pads help prevent drafts from entering the unit through the wall, and make installation easier when mounting on an uneven surface.
2 Contains 10 original style and 10 new style doors.