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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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The total number of wireless devices allowed on any one PAN (Personal Area Network) or managed by a single CEG, is dependent on-site requirements and general construction variables conducive to supporting wireless networks. A typical connected equipment wireless system consists of these limits:

  • Up to 2 TMR Coordinators for each CEG FC Bus
  • Up to 4 MS/TP controllers connected through each TMR Coordinator
  • Up to 4 MS/TP controllers wired to 1 TMR MS/TP segment
  • Additional TMR repeaters can be used as required without adding to the PAN limit. A good rule is to keep the number of repeaters on a PAN to less than 10% of the overall wireless device count.
Figure 1. Example of a large CEG system
Note: These limits are suggested best practices for use with the CEG. Exceeding these limits is possible but may impact the overall performance of the system.