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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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Use information in this section to pre-determine if the location of the CEG Panel and TMR Routers provides a quality wireless network and to estimate the number of additional TMR repeaters required. Some items to keep in mind when reviewing a layout are:

  • The cable that connects a CEG or MS/TP Controller to its associated TMR can be up to 30 m (100 ft) long to allow for better placement of the TMR in the space.
  • Every TMR should be within 75 m (250 ft) (recommended) of at least two other routers/repeaters that are part of the same network (PAN).
    Note: Assuming 20 dBm Tx Power. See Table 1 for other recommended distances based on Tx Power setting.
  • Best practice is to keep the entire network (PAN) contained within a single floor or wing.
  • Minimize the number of hops (Router to Router communication) to transmit a message to the TMR connected to the CEG. Four or less hops are a good rule of thumb.

Splitting the PAN into smaller groups and adding an additional TMR coordinator should be considered in the following scenarios:

  • Building floors with a central atrium or courtyard.
  • Building floors with a central core made up of elevator shafts, stairwells, restrooms, kitchens, where most wireless controllers are located around the perimeter of the floor.
  • L or U shaped buildings where the wireless signal would need to travel outside to reach other wireless controllers.
  • Building floors with long corridors with wireless controllers on the outer walls, as in a dorm or hotel wing.