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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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If a site survey is deemed required, Appendix C provides a checklist of information that you can use to determine how best to lay out the wireless network, how many devices you need, and the best locations for installation.

If the site is accessible before installing the wireless devices, you can use a pair of HPSST-0 High Power Survey tools (or optional Battery Pack connected to two TMRs) to check signal strength and expected communications performance between the various MS/TP controllers locations, and the CEG Gateway. The Survey Tool is a special mode of the TMR or ZFR1831 that can be used to test the wireless link quality between two locations. You can test both 20 dBm (100 mW) and 10 dBm (10 mW) transmission power signal strengths. See ZFR-HPSST-0 High Power Site Wireless Survey Tool User Guide (Part No. 24-11461-00012) for details on how to perform a site survey.