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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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The Connected Equipment Gateway/TMR Wireless Field Bus System uses low power 802.15.4 mesh technology for monitoring of HVAC equipment that uses the BACnet MS/TP protocol. The wireless system creates a wireless mesh network and provides a reliable, resilient self-healing network by using automatically updating transmission paths for the data.

The wireless mesh network is independent of any building IT systems and does not require any preexisting wireless infrastructure.

The TMR Wireless Field Bus System is similar to the legacy Johnson Controls® ZFR1830, ZFR1820, and ZFR1810 Series wireless systems in many ways. But there are several important differences:

  • The wireless networks (PANs) formed by the TMR, ZFR183x, ZFR182x, and ZFR181x systems are not compatible with each other and cannot be mixed on the same PAN.
  • The TMR connects directly to the MS/TP Bus of the controller with the controller running the MS/TP mode.
  • The TMR can support any Johnson Controls or third-party BACnet MS/TP controller. The ZFR18xx radios only work with select Johnson Controls field controllers.
  • The TMR system does not support Johnson Controls WRZ Series Wireless Sensors.
  • Multiple MS/TP controllers can be connected to a single TMR. The ZFR18xx radios can only be connected to a single controller.

The TMR wireless routers are designed for:

  • Indoor, intra-building applications.
  • Outdoor rooftop applications (weather protecting environmental enclosure required).

The JC-TMR2400-0 (TMR), is an all-in-one device that automatically performs different operations depending on how it is used. When plugged into a Connected Equipment Gateway (CEG), the TMR acts as the wireless network PAN Coordinator (TMR). The coordinator must be online and joining enabled to add new wireless devices to the network. When connected to an MS/TP controller, the TMR acts as a router. Wirelessly sending and receiving BACnet messages to and from other MS/TP Controllers. The TMR is transparent to Controllers and require no special setup procedure. One TMR can also support up to four connected MS/TP controllers. The TMR serves as a repeater when only power is connected and can be used to fill in gaps in wireless mesh and extend the range of the system. Finally, when the TMR is connected to a battery pack, it can be used as a simple site survey tool (SST) to check the signal quality between intended locations of wireless devices.