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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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While Wi-Fi 802.11 and the 802.15.4 wireless standards used by the TMR systems both transmit in the same 2.4 GHz spectrum, they do not necessarily interfere with each other. Both standards use collision sensing algorithms that can affect each other. To avoid potential interference, configure the Wi-Fi systems to use non-overlapping channels (1, 6, and 11) so that the TMR system can transmit in between, which minimizes their impact on each other below. The following procedure is a quick way to use your laptop to determine how much Wi-Fi is used at the proposed wireless site. It is recommended to repeat this test multiple times from various locations.

About this task

To view a list of currently visible networks complete the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Show available networks.
  2. Open the command line window and enter >netsh wlan show networks mode=Bssid


The command line window displays a list of the currently visible networks.


======================= SHOW NETWORKS MODE=BSSID======================

Interface name: Wireless Network Connection

There are 15 networks currently visible.

SSID 1: bugline

  • Network type: Infrastructure
  • Authentication: WPA2-Enterprise
  • Encryption: CCMP
  • BSSID 1: xx:xx:2f:2f:a1:81

Signal: 55%

  • Radio type: 802.11n
  • Channel: 1
  • Basic rates (Mbps): 156
  • Other rates (Mbps): 18 19.5 24 36 48 54

BSSID 2: xx:xx:2f:a7:e5:c1

  • Signal: 71%
  • Radio type: 802.11n
  • Channel: 11
  • Basic rates (Mbps): 156
  • Other rates (Mbps): 18 19.5 24 36 48 54

In this list you see the Channel and Signal for the Wi-Fi access points that are in the area.

If the channel number is less than 14 and not 1, 6, or 11, then any traffic on that channel is potentially overlapping and interfering with other Wi-Fi signals and with the TMR system. In a correctly managed Wi-Fi environment, only channels 1, 6, and 11 should be used. Note that channels above 14 are not a concern since they are in the 5GHz band. If it is possible, reconfigure the access points to use channels 1,6, or 11. If it is not possible, change the channel on the TMR so it does not overlap with the WiFi channels. See Figure 6 to see how the WiFi and TMR channels overlap.