Appendix A - Wireless opportunity questionnaire - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013954 - JC-TMR2400-x - Wireless Device - TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

TMR Series Wireless Best Practices

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TMR Series Wireless Best Practices
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The following questionnaire provides a quick view as to whether a potential opportunity would be a good candidate for a wireless network. This questionnaire is applicable to all areas of a building that is investigated for wireless.

Table 1. Wireless opportunity questionnaire
Question Yes No Comment
Are the interior walls constructed of solid materials like; poured concrete, metal, plaster over metal lathe?
Are there existing wireless solutions on-site that could interfere with the Johnson Controls wireless solution?
Do the building tenant’s plans include wireless solutions that could interfere with the Johnson Controls wireless solution?
Will the building’s Wi-Fi solutions be unmanaged?
Note: Multi-tenant office buildings often have independent IT departments (if any) that do not coordinate Wi-Fi usage.
Does the customer require validated environment (21CFR Part 11) compliance?
Are non-Johnson Controls controllers in the network targeted for wireless (is interoperability with third party wireless devices a requirement)?
Do any BAS system applications prohibit an occasional offline or delayed communication response?
Does the customer require direct management, prohibit, or restrict any wireless systems on their premises?
Is the line-of-sight poor, the distance between devices excessive (>250 feet, 76 meters), or are there isolated locations between the wireless devices?
Note: If you answer Yes to any of the questions in Table 1, it does not mean the site cannot support wireless. It means this location may need additional investigation or support to assure a quality, high performing wireless system.