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TEC3000 Color Series Thermostats Catalog Page

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TEC3000 Color Series Thermostats
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The TEC3000 Color Series Thermostats are wireless, stand-alone, and field-selectable BACnet® MS/TP or N2 networked devices that provide on/off, floating, and proportional control of the following:

  • local hydronic reheat valves
  • pressure-dependent VAV equipment with or without local reheat
  • two- or four-pipe fan coils
  • cabinet unit heaters
  • other zoning equipment using an on/off, floating, or 0 VDC to 10 VDC proportional control input
  • single- or two-stage control of unitary rooftop units (RTUs)
  • single- or two-stage control of RTUs with economizers
  • single- or two-stage control of heat pumps
  • single- or two-stage control of heat pumps with economizers
  • Up to three-stage control of heat pumps
  • Up to three-stage control of heat pumps with economizers
    Note: The third stage is a supplemental heat stage and not a compressor like the first two stages.
Figure 1. TEC3000 Color Series Thermostat shown with occupancy sensor in white and black enclosures

You can monitor and program the wireless and field-selectable BACnet MS/TP or N2 networked thermostats remotely through the building automation system, to provide efficient space temperature control. The wireless thermostats feature a connection to the ZFR Pro Series Wireless Field Bus Systems. All models include a USB port configuration that reduces installation time by allowing simple backup and restore features from a USB drive, which enables rapid cloning of configuration between like units. The programming memory of all TEC3000 Series Thermostats is non-volatile.

Important: ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless System compatible TEC30xx-1x-000 models and ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless System compatible TEC31xx-1x-000 models are not compatible with each other and cannot be used under the same PAN ID (network address).

Some models feature a built-in occupancy sensing capability. These thermostats use additional standby setpoints to maximize up to 30% energy savings in high-energy usage commercial buildings, such as schools and hotels, during occupied times.

A bright, high-definition capacitive touchscreen display provides responsive feedback and improved readability of text and icons. The home screen is configurable to Modern and Classic, and Light and Dark themes.

Models are available in modern black or white high-gloss designs with or without the Johnson Controls® logo.

The following fan configurations are supported for fan coil equipment types:

  • single-speed
  • multi-speed (two or three discrete speeds)
  • variable-speed/EC motors (0 VDC to 10 VDC control)

All models support dehumidification on two-pipe fan coil units with reheat, four-pipe fan coil units with individual coils or single coil with heating and cooling valves installed, rooftop units with hot gas reheat, and rooftop units with an auxiliary dehumidifier.

When no heating is required and mechanical cooling is available, the thermostat monitors space humidity and activates dehumidification control as necessary. Heat or reheat is used as required to maintain the space temperature.

For optimal dehumidification performance, use a fan coil unit that includes a multi-speed or variable-speed fan (VSF).

Refer to the TEC3000 Color Series Wireless, Stand-Alone, and Field-Selectable BACnet® MS/TP or N2 Networked Thermostats Product Bulletin (LIT-12013193) for important product application information.

Refer to the WNC1800/ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Catalog Page (LIT-1901026) for information about the ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless System.

Refer to the WRG1800/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Catalog Page (LIT-1901153) for information about the ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless System.