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TE-7800 One-to-One Wireless Room Temperature Sensing System
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  • One-to-One wireless RF design — enables quick, economical, and low-maintenance installations, which reduce installation and wiring costs.
  • stylish, lightweight wireless room temperature sensors with occupancy override button and 60-second transmission intervals — are easy-to-install and provide room temperature, set point temperature, occupancy status, and low battery conditions to Metasys® system field controllers. Transmission intervals greatly extend sensor battery life, and enable continuous operation over the life of the batteries (approximately 5 years) while maintaining an even temperature in the controlled zones.
  • integral wireless signal strength testing built into sensors and receivers — provides quick, easy, visual indication of the wireless RF signal strength between a sensor and associated receiver, helps locate optimum device positions during installation and aids troubleshooting.
  • multiple sensor temperature averaging and high/low selection — enhance zone temperature control by enabling up to four sensors to report to a single receiver, which can be set to average the sensor temperature or select the highest or lowest temperature value to control the zone.
  • compact, easy-to-install TE-7800 Series Receiver — receives sensed temperature, set point, and low battery condition from WRS-TTx Series Sensors and interfaces directly with a Metasys system field controller.
  • optional, battery-powered WRS-SST Series Wireless Sensing System Tools — connect to a laptop computer and allow you to quickly and easily determine RF signal strength, system temperature values, and the optimum device locations in your application.