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TE-6300P Series Temperature Sensors Installation Guide

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TE-6300P Series Temperature Sensors
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-4034-107
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About this task

The TE-63xxP-1 well models include a sensor holder with built-in thermowell adaptor. No additional well adaptor is required for installation when the sensor is used with TE-6300W thermowells. See Figure 1 and mount the sensor as follows:
Figure 1. Installing the Well Insertion Sensor
Note: Add thermal grease (F-1000-182, or equivalent) before inserting the probe if the well does not include thermal grease. For proper sensor function, mount the well so that any condensation that forms drains out of the probe.


  1. Remove the sensor holder from the conduit box. See Securing or removing the Sensor holder.
  2. Loosen the sensor holder setscrew and remove the probe.
  3. If the thermal well is:
    • TE-6300W-103 (TE-63xAP-1), see Figure 9 and loosen the two well set screws (the TE-6300W-103 contains thermal grease). Insert the sensor holder, then tighten the well set screws.
      Figure 2. Installing the TE-63xAP-1 Sensor holder
    • TE-6300W-110 (TE-63x2P-1), see Figure 10 and screw the sensor holder into the thermal well (the TE-6300W-110 does not contain thermal grease).
      Figure 3. Installing the TE-63x2P-1 Sensor holder
  4. Insert the sensor probe through the sensor holder and into the thermal well until it just touches the bottom of the well.
  5. Back the probe out approximately 1/8 in. (3 mm) and tighten the sensor holder set screw.
  6. Pull the sensor wires into the conduit box and snap the conduit box onto the sensor holder.
  7. Install the retainer over the sensor wire leads and into the sensor holder.
  8. Wire the sensor to the controller using the wire nuts provided.
  9. Reposition the cover and tighten the retention