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Software Manager Installation Guide

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Software Licensing
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Installation Guide
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The Software Manager log file records any errors that occur during the installation process. You can open the log file using the View Log File link on the installer window

The log file is named: Software_Manager_<datetime>.html where: <datetime> = Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute/Second.

The log file is always located in: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local.

For all software licensing questions contact:

Table 1. Troubleshooting

Error/error message


An exception has occurred while completing your request.

This message appears along with an additional error text if an error occurs during installation. See this table for the error messages and see the install log file for error details.

Johnson Controls Software Manager is running. Please close Johnson Controls Software Manager and run this setup again.

This additional message appears if you attempt an install, upgrade or uninstall while the Software Manager is running. Close the Software Manager and retry.

Downgrade is not supported. There is a new version already installed.

This additional message appears if you attempt to install the Software Manager while a newer version of the Software Manager is already installed on the machine. Retry with a newer installer.

After an uninstall and reinstall, existing licenses are not displayed in the Software Manager.

This issue may occur if you uninstall the Software Manager and then reinstall it in a different location. Uninstall the Software Manager again and then reinstall it in its original location. Alternatively, use the Software Manager to reactivate your licenses.