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About this task

You can view and export the license history of items in the License Inventory table using the License History dialog box. You can open the License History dialog box in two ways. The License History table includes the following information: date and time, action, product, feature name, version, and license type, if available.


  1. In the License Actions column, click the Choose Actions menu.
  2. Click View History.
  3. Use the Show filter to change what is included in the display. The filter is initially set to the selected products feature. Select All to view the license history details for all items, or choose a specific feature to limit what you can see. You can choose the feature or version to view in the license history with the Show filter.
    Note: The history details shown are the date and time an action was performed, a description of the action completed, the product name, a list of the features, and the license type.
    Note: You can also access the License History dialog box from the Help menu where the Show filter is initially set to All.
  4. Click Export to export the license history details. The File Save dialog box opens.
  5. Navigate to a location to save the license history details file.
    Note: The file exports as a CSV file. The CSV file includes information based on the selected filter. See Using CSV files in Excel for more information.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Close to close the License History dialog box.