Failed scheduled refresh - Johnson Controls - Metasys - LIT-12012389 - Software Application - Software Licensing - 3.0

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Johnson Controls
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If the scheduled refresh fails or fails to retrieve updates for an installed product, an exclamation circle displays after the refresh icon for the Updates tab.

You can click the exclamation circle icon to open the Unable to retrieve updates for the products listed below dialog box that displays the following information:

  • Date the failed refresh occurred
  • Installed Product Display Name in the Product Name column
  • Installed Product Version in the Product Version column
  • Details of the error in the Error column

You can click Retrieve Updates or Cancel in the dialog box. If you click Cancel, the dialog box closes and no connection is made to the server so no new updates are retrieved.

You cannot click the exclamation point for more information when a download is in-progress for an update.