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About this task

To complete an update, download the files you need for the update before you install the update.

You cannot download multiple files at the same time under the following conditions as the Download button is disabled:
  • If a download process is in progress for any update.
  • If a download process is paused for any update.
  • If a download fails for any update, the user must cancel or complete that download to download other updates.
If you try to close the Software Manager while a download is in progress, a dialog box displays with the following message: If you exit this application now, the in-progress download will be paused. Do you still want to exit?. You can click Exit Now to pause the download and close the Software Manager, or Don't Exit to exit the dialog box and the Software Manager remains open.
Note: If you exit the Software Manager with the task manager then the system displays no error and cancels the in-progress download automatically. The next time you open the application then the Download button displays for that update. If you press ESC when the dialog box appears on the application, then the system closes the dialog box and there is no impact on the in-progress download.
If a download fails, see Download errors for more information.

To download the files you need to install an update, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Download on the update you want to download.
  2. Select a path to save or download the file to and click Ok.
    • The download saves to the user specified path.
    • A progress bar displays showing the percentage completion of the download, the file size downloaded and the total time that remains for the download to complete, a pause icon, and a cancel icon.
    • You can click the pause icon to pause an in-progress download, the pause icon toggles to a resume icon. To restart the download from where the download was paused, click the resume icon.
    • You can click the cancel icon to cancel the download process. Click Don't cancel to continue the download, or, click Cancel Download to cancel the download. If you cancel a download, the system automatically removes the downloaded files from the system. If you press the ESC key on the confirmation dialog box, the dialog box closes and it responds the same as the Don't cancel action.
  3. You can click Open to open the path of the downloaded file and install the update. The Open button displays until the user installs the update and the next refresh occurs.
    Note: When you click Open before a refresh occurs for which files or folders of that update have been either renamed or deleted from the downloaded path, the system displays the following message: Files/Folders have been deleted or moved, please download again with an Ok button. When you click Ok, the Open button toggles to Download.

Download errors

About this task

If a download fails, the following message appears: Download Failed. To check the actual error message, hover on the Download Failed message or check Windows event viewer. See Windows event viewer for more information.

If any download is in a failed state and the user clicks the refresh icon to complete a manual refresh, the update displays in a failed download state after the refresh also.

A download can fail when there is insufficient disk space, no Internet connection, or if proxy authentication is required. See Table 15 for more information. Click the refresh icon to start the download process again.