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About this task

For items listed in the Licenses tab, the License Details dialog box provides licensing details for the items listed in the License Inventory table. Each item in the License Details dialog box initially displays in a collapsed panel that shows the product, status, and product code for the product.

When you expand the panel for an item, it shows details for all active, expired, and unlicensed licenses associated with the product. See License information in the expanded panels for information about the expanded License Details panels. You can also export all license details as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. You can use the CSV file in any application that can open or import CSV content, for example, Microsoft® Excel®. See Using CSV files in Excel for more information.


  1. Click View License Details.
    Note: The License Details dialog box lists the items in the same order as they appear in the License Inventory table. You can sort the License Inventory table before opening the License Details dialog box to change its order.
  2. Click the expand icon for a product to view the respective licensing details or click Expand All to view the licensing details for all the products in the License Details window.
  3. Click Export to export the license details to a file on your computer.
  4. Navigate to a location to save the license details file.
    Note: The file exports as a CSV file.