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A System ID is a code that uniquely identifies a particular physical or virtual machine (VM). The System ID locks a license to a specific machine. The Software Manager displays the System ID on its main window. The Software Manager automatically uses the System ID for any online activations. For offline activations, you must copy the System ID and use it in the License Portal.

Changes that affect the System ID in the Software Manager

Some changes to your machine may affect the System ID in the Software Manager. To avoid issues with the System ID, deactivate all of the purchased licenses on a machine before you make any major changes. Changes include major upgrades to the operating system, which may or may not affect the System ID; replacement of the motherboard; and moving or copying a VM to a different physical machine. Reactivate the licenses after you complete any major changes.

Note: You cannot deactivate trial or other non-purchased licenses. If these licenses become invalid, you must request a new license.

Non-major changes to a machine do not affect the System ID. These include the changes in the following non-comprehensive list:

  • IP address change
  • Host/computer name change
  • Domain name change
  • Network card changes
  • Adding a hard drive
  • Moving a VM to a new location on the same physical machine