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About this task

When you start the Software Manager, it checks if you accepted the software terms or not, based on your log on name for that machine. If you have not accepted the terms, the Software Manager displays the Software Terms window.

Note: Even if a user declines, the licensing and update services on the machine continue to run, as the software terms only affect the use of the Software Manager. If you decline, the Software Manager does not open. If you accept, the Software Manager opens. Once you accept the terms, the Software Manager does not prompt you again on that machine, but you can always access the terms through the Software Manager's About box. You need to accept the terms separately for each machine.


  1. Click Software Terms - Online Site (preferred), when running the Software Manager on an online machine, or click Software Terms - Local File, when running the Software Manager on an offline machine.
  2. Read the terms.
  3. Click Accept to accept the terms or click Decline to exit.