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About this task

You can regenerate the license file for an in-progress offline deactivation from the License Details dialog box if you cannot locate the original file.

If you cannot locate the original license release file that was created for an in-progress offline deactivation, you can regenerate it from the License Details dialog box. See Related documentation for the relevant License Portal Help for more details.

Note: For an offline deactivation, the license release file must match the license. If you see more than one deactivated license listed with a file icon, check other displayed information to choose the correct license. For example, the deactivation date, product key, or order number.


  1. Open the License Details dialog box. See Viewing and exporting license details.
  2. Find and expand the table entry that contains the product license for the license you want to complete an in-progress deactivation for.
  3. Within the expanded table entry, click the file icon next to the deactivated license that needs the regenerated license release file.
    Note: The file icon only displays for licenses that were deactivated offline.
  4. Save the license release file to your machine.
  5. Upload the license release file to the License Portal to complete the in-progress offline deactivation.