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The Software Manager uses the online connection setting to determine if and how to connect to the online connection system for activations, deactivations, Machine Tag data, and updates. When you save the online connection setting, it takes effect immediately. You do not need to restart the Software Manager.

The Software Manager provides two standard options for online connection:

  • Default connection for using the default online connection system.
  • None (offline) for disabling online connection connections within the Software Manager. Use this setting when you do not want the Software Manager to connect to the Internet. For this case, the Software Manager operates as if it has no Internet connection, even if the machine has an Internet connection.

When you select an option from the Online Connection list and click Save, the following message displays in a dialog box: Changing the connection settings might impact your downloads and updates retrieval. Click Save to save the setting, or Cancel to cancel the selection.

When None (offline) is selected, the Software Manager cannot provide any online information or actions. As a result, online license activation and deactivation methods are disabled for the Licenses tab, and the Updates tab displays the following message: Software updates are not available when the online connection setting is None (offline).