Establishing a user as a local system account - Johnson Controls - Metasys - LIT-12012389 - Software Application - Software Licensing - 3.0

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  1. Go to the Start menu and search for Component Services.
  2. Click Component Services.
  3. Click Services.
  4. To stop the JCIProductUpdateService, search for it, right-click, and then click Stop.
  5. In the Log On As column, right-click Local System, and then click Properties.
  6. Click the Log On tab and select the This account option.
  7. Click Browse.
  8. Click Locations, click Entire Directory, and then click OK.
  9. Enter your Global ID /Username/Organizational Email ID in the Enter the object name to select field and click Check names.
  10. When the system has retrieved your ID, click OK.
  11. When the system displays your ID in the This account field, enter your password, and then click OK.
    Note: The system now displays your ID in the Log On As column for the JCIProductUpdateService.
  12. To restart the JCIProductUpdateService, right-click it, and then click Start.