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About this task

You must complete multiple steps in the License Portal and in the Software Manager for an online deactivation of a license or multiple licenses. Before you start an online deactivation, verify that the machine you installed the product on is connected to the Internet. Verify the online connection setting is not set to None (offline).


  1. In the License Actions column, click the Choose Actions menu.
  2. Click Deactivate.
  3. Click Online with Automated Deactivation.
    Note: In the Deactivate Online wizard, the following message displays: Choose one or more licenses that you want to deactivate with a table that lists a checkbox to select the license, License Type, and Features. The Bundle icon displays beside the license type if there is more than one feature associated with a license.
  4. In the Deactivate Online wizard, select the checkbox beside the licenses you want to deactivate.
  5. Click Proceed when you select at least one license, or click Cancel to exit.
  6. If you want to deactivate the licenses, click Deactivate.
    Note: If there is an issue, an error message appears in the Features column in red. If an error message displays, verify that there is an Internet connection to the machine. See Troubleshooting for more information.
  7. Click Close.