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About this task

Online activation requires a product key for the license or licenses you want to activate. If you do not already have the product key, retrieve it from the License Portal. Verify that the machine on which you installed the product has an Internet connection and that the online connection setting is not set to None (offline).

Note: See Related documentation and refer to the required License Portal Help for more information on how to retrieve the product key from the License Portal.
Note: To start an activation for a product not listed in the License Inventory table, skip steps 1 and 2 and click Add License to open the Choose Activation Method dialog box.


  1. In the License Actions column, click the Choose Actions menu.
  2. Click Activate New.
  3. Click Online with a Product Key in the Choose Activation Method dialog box.
  4. Enter the product key you want to activate. If you want to activate more than one license, click the Add icon and enter another product key. You can enter a maximum of five product keys.
    Note: To remove a product key that you have already entered, click the Remove icon that displays beside the product key.
  5. Click Proceed to continue, or click Cancel to exit.
    Note: If you enter an invalid product key, Error! displays instead of the license type. The Bundle icon displays beside the license type if there is more than one feature activated for that product key. If there is an issue with the license or product key, an error message appears in the Features column in red.
  6. Click Activate to activate the licenses for the valid product keys, or click Cancel to exit.
    Note: If the Software Manager requires proxy credentials to connect to the online server, the Enter Proxy Credentials dialog box appears. Enter your user name and password, and click Continue. If the Enter Proxy Credentials dialog box appears when you do not expect it to, check your proxy settings. See Configuring proxy settings for more information.
    If online activation fails, verify the following:
    • You have an Internet connection for the machine.
    • You entered the correct product key in the Product Key field.
    • The license is valid.
    • The license is not activated on another machine.