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You can select the required activation method from the Choose Activation Method dialog box.

Note: You cannot use a product key or a license string or file that corresponds to a product that has multiple features in the Software Manager at Release 2.1 or earlier. These products and licenses are not compatible with earlier versions of the Software Manager. Although you can use a new product key or license file/string to activate the feature in the Software Manager at Release 2.1 or earlier, it is not recommended. This might cause an unexpected behavior such as only one feature being activated instead of multiple features.
Table 1. Choosing an activation method
Choose If
Online with a Product Key

You want to activate a license or multiple licenses on a machine already connected to the Internet, and you have the product key for the license.

The Software Manager verifies the machine's Internet connectivity. If the connection fails, an error message appears and the Choose Activation Method dialog box returns, where you can choose an alternative option. If the connection succeeds, the Activate Online dialog box displays. See Online activation for more information.

When the online connection setting is set to None (offline), you cannot select this option. See Online connection setting for more information.

You can activate multiple licenses when you use an online activation.

Offline with a License Activation File

You want to activate a license on a machine not connected to the Internet.

If you choose this option, you need to download the license activation file from the License Portal. Use a different computer with an Internet connection, and then transfer the file to the machine that has the product you want to license. See Offline activation for more information.

You can activate only one license when you use an offline activation.