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In general, when you activate a new license for a product, it becomes the top license, which means it takes effect over any other active licenses that exist. When multiple licenses are activated for the same feature name and version, you can only see the top license in the License Inventory table. The top license is chosen by default based on the priority of the license.

  • Activated valid commercial, technician, and demo licenses have the highest level of priority. The most recent activated license has the highest priority and becomes the top license.
  • A trial license has the next level of priority of all license types.
  • A grace license has the lowest priority of all license types.
  • Expired and invalid licenses are not considered as active so cannot be the top license.
Note: You can click the View License Details option to determine if multiple licenses are active for a product and you can check the product key or order number to determine which license is currently the top license for a product. See Viewing and exporting license details for more information.
Note: You can only move non-expired commercial licenses. You cannot move expired commercial licenses to the top license.