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The Software Manager's main window displays the Licenses tab by default. The Licenses tab displays the License Inventory table of licensable Johnson Controls software products. If more than one license exists for a product, the License Inventory table displays the top license. See Changing the top license in the License Inventory table for more information. See the following table for more information about the details shown and the user actions in the License Inventory table.

Table 1. License inventory table overview
Column name Description


Displays the product display name. This field may be blank if activation of the license occurs before installation of the product.

Licensed Features

Displays the number of activated features and the total features available. For example, 2 of 5.

Expiring Soon

Displays Yes with the Expiring icon if at least one feature of a license is expiring within 30 days, or No if the license is not expiring soon.

License Actions

Displays the Choose Actions menu, which includes the following options:
Note: The available Choose Actions menu actions depend on the status of the license.

Click the Expand icon to display the features associated with an installed product. If you activate a license before you install it, only the activated features display.

Table 2. Expanded license inventory table overview
Column name Description

Feature Name

Displays the name of the licensable feature for the product.

Feature Description

Displays a description of the feature.


Displays the licensable version of the feature.

License Type

Displays the type of license. For no current licenses, the license type column displays NA. See License types for more information about each license type.


Displays the current licensing status for the product.

Statuses shown include the following:

  • Unlicensed if there is no current license, either never activated or activated and then deactivated.
  • Licensed if there is a current, non-expired license for the product. This includes the emergency grace license activated through the Start Grace Period action. See Starting a grace period for more information.
  • Expired if a current license for the product has reached its end date. This includes grace licenses.

Expires On

Lists the validity end date for the product's current license. For licenses that do not expire, Never displays. If the feature is not licensed, NA displays. For cases where the license expired in the past, but the system cannot determine the exact expiration date, it displays as: Unknown. If multiple licenses are applied to a product, you can view the expiration date of other active licenses using View License Details. See Viewing and exporting license details for more information.