Condensate Overflow Switch - Johnson Controls - LIT-12011950 - Building automation software - Smart Equipment Controller - 5.0

Smart Equipment Controls Sequence of Operation Technical Bulletin

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Smart Equipment Controller
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Technical Bulletin
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Setpoints and related data

The setpoints and related data include the following items:
  • Condensate Alarm Enable (COS-En)
  • Condensate Overflow Switch (COS)


The input for the Condensate Overflow Switch is the BI1 (COS) binary input.


Output relays for the compressors (C1, C2, C3, C4)


When the COS binary input (BI) reads 0VAC, it is considered an alarm condition. When the BI reads 24VAC, it is considered the normal condition.

When an alarm is detected and Condensate Alarm Enable is set to Enable, the unit shuts down any cooling outputs. Cooling will remain off as long as the COS is in the alarm condition. If COS trips three times within two hours, all of the compressors are locked out and must be manually reset (HdwrReset) from the UI before operation.