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Smart Equipment Controls Sequence of Operation Technical Bulletin

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Smart Equipment Controller
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Technical Bulletin
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Some sequences in this document use operational setpoints and temperatures. Operational setpoints and temperatures are the values that the control uses at a specific moment. The following examples show setpoints and temperatures in sequences.

  • On a variable air volume (VAV) unit, the operational VAV cooling setpoint can be either the supply air temperature (SAT) upper setpoint or the SAT lower setpoint. The temperature and humidity control sequence can alter both the SAT upper setpoint or SAT lower setpoint. See Temperature and humidity control for additional information.
  • Sequences such as demand ventilation, fixed variable, or low ambient can alter the economizer minimum position. See VAV economizer minimum position reset for additional information.
  • The operational space temperature can be from a space sensor, net sensor, a communicated value, or the value of the return air temperature sensor in the absence of a space sensor. You can view all of the operational setpoints and temperatures on the UCB local display.
Note: See Verasys Integration section if the unit is connected to a Verasys change over bypass or VAV system.