Commissioning mode - Johnson Controls - LIT-12011950 - Building automation software - Smart Equipment Controller - 5.0

Smart Equipment Controls Sequence of Operation Technical Bulletin

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Smart Equipment Controller
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Technical Bulletin
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A mode of operation is desired where field technicians can directly energize outputs on the control without needing to rely on the normal sequence of operations.

A new menu has been added under Commissioning called “Commissioning Mode” The following outputs can be overridden while commissioning mode is active.
  • Supply Fan Command (off/on) (Fan)
  • Fan %Command (FanVFD)
  • Compressor Stage Command 1 (C1)
  • Compressor Stage Command 2 (C2)
  • Compressor Stage Command 3 (C3)
  • Compressor Stage Command 4 (C4)
  • Condenser Fan 1 (CN-Fan)
  • Condenser Fan 2 (CF2)
  • Heating Stage Command 1 (H1)
  • Heating Stage Command 2 (H2)
  • Heating Stage Command 3 (H3)
  • HotGas Reheat (off/on) (HGR)
  • HotGas Reheat (modulating valve %) (HGR)
  • Hot Gas Reheat Bleed Valve Command (Open/Closed)
  • Economizer Damper % Command (Econ)
  • Exhaust Fan VFD % Command (ExFanVFD)
  • Exhaust Fan Command (off/on) (ExFan)
  • Exhaust Damper % Command (EAD-O)
  • Cancel ASCD Timers
Commissioning Mode Enable point is at top of the new menu.
  • Commissioning Mode is active for 60 minutes unless the Extend Commissioning Time function is used.
  • Commissioning Mode menu can be exited without impacting the functionality. This allows user to navigate menus to view temps/pressure/etc.

All Safeties can still override commissioning mode. Example: Cannot energize compressor 1 if HPS1 is in alarm

Supply Fan is required before allowing compressor and heat stage outputs.

Compressors being energized requires corresponding condenser fans to be energized.