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Smart Equipment Control Wireless Installation Guide

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The following table outlines documents related to the wireless bus option.

Table 1. Related documentation
For information about See document
Ordering wireless hardware WRG1830/ZFR1831 Wireless Field Bus Catalog Page (LIT-1901153)
Locating, mounting, and wiring wireless router gateways (network coordinator) Wireless Router Gateway (WRG1830) Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-11460-00018)
Locating, mounting, and wiring ZFR1831 Pro Routers (radios) ZFR1831 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Guide (Part No. 24-11461-00004)
Configuring and commissioning the WRG1830/ZFR1831 Network ZFR1831 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Guide (Part No. 24-11461-00004)
General configuration and compatibility for Metasys WRG1830/ZFR1831 Wireless Field Bus Technical Bulletin - Metasys (LIT-12013553)
Locating, mounting, and wiring WRZ Series sensors Occupancy Sensing WRZ Series Wireless Room Sensors Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10332-96)
Test wireless signal strength between the 100 mW WRG1830 Router Gateway (Coordinator), TEC3000, and other 100 mW wireless enabled field controllers. ZFR-HPSST-0 High Power Wireless Sensing System Installation Guide (Part No. 24-11461-00012)
Understanding MS/TP communications MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011034)
Configuring and commissioning your unit Smart Equipment Controls (SEC) Quick Start Guide (LIT-12011938)
Operating modes and strategies of the SEC Smart Equipment Controls (SEC) Sequence of Operation Overview Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011950)