Installing the WRG1830 Wireless Router Gateway - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013765 - Wireless field bus - SEC - UCB

Smart Equipment Control Wireless Installation Guide

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To install the WRG1830 Gateway and connected Coordinator Radio, complete the following steps:

  1. Refer to the WRG1830 Wireless Router Gateway (WRG) Installation Guide (Part No. 24-11460-00018) and the ZFR1831 Pro Series Wireless Router Installation Guide (Part No. 24-114610-0004).
  2. Set the ZFR1831 Pro Coordinator Radio’s Personal Area Network (PAN) PAN OFFSET switch according to the job drawings.
    Note: The PAN OFFSET switch setting must be the same for all the wireless devices on the same wireless mesh network.
    Note: To avoid interference, assign a unique PAN OFFSET to each wireless network in a building. Using a unique PAN OFFSET is particularly important if you have PANs on adjacent floors of a building. Do not use the same PAN OFFSET on multiple wireless networks in a building, even if the PANs do not overlap.
  3. Connect the WRG1830 Gateway to an available Ethernet switch or hub port.
  4. Connect the USB Wi-Fi dongle.
  5. Connect the power supply to the WNC1800 Gateway, but do not apply power until commissioning the wireless system.