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SD-1250 Smoke Dampers Catalog Page

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Smoke dampers meeting or exceeding the following specifications shall be furnished and installed at locations shown on plans or as described in schedules:

  • Dampers shall meet the requirements of NFPA 80, 90A, 92A, 92B, and 101 and shall be either Class I or Class II Leakage Rated Dampers for use in smoke control systems in accordance with the latest version of UL555S.
  • As part of the UL qualification, smoke dampers shall have demonstrated a capacity to open and close under HVAC system operating conditions, with pressures up to 4 inches w.g. in the closed position and 2,000 fpm air velocity in the open position.
  • In addition to the leakage ratings already specified herein, the dampers and their actuators shall be qualified under UL555S to an elevated temperature of 250°F or 350°F, depending upon the actuator.
  • Appropriate electric/pneumatic actuators (specifier selects one) shall be installed by the damper manufacturer at the time of damper fabrication.
  • Damper and actuator shall be supplied as a single entity which meets all applicable UL555S qualifications for both dampers and actuators.
  • Each damper shall be rated for leakage and airflow in either direction through the damper.
  • Damper and actuator assembly shall be factory cycled to ensure operation.