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RV-1600 16-Gauge Round Control Damper Catalog Page

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RV-1600 Round Control Damper
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Since 1905, Johnson Controls® has developed and refined air control products by providing the highest quality control dampers that fit your application and size requirements. Now we are including round industrial style dampers in our product offering.

RV-1600 dampers are available in sizes up to 48 inches (122 cm) diameter with galvanized steel, aluminum, or 304 stainless steel frames with no seals, neoprene seals, or silicone seals.

RV-1600 dampers are ruggedly built, flanged frame dampers that serve well in hostile environments and extreme conditions. These dampers are equipped with blade seals for low leakage applications.

Refer to the RV-1600 16-Gauge Round Control Damper Product Bulletin (LIT-12011359) for important product information.