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RT-2000 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Catalog Page

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The RT-2000 Fire/Class I Smoke Dampers are designed to prevent the spread of smoke and 1-1/2 hour fire rating for use in a dynamic HVAC system during life safety situations.

The RT-2000 is Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL) listed and tested to the latest UL-555S and UL-555 standards.

The RT-2000 includes a factory installed actuator which should be cycled at least once every six months or sooner as local codes require.

The RT-2000 is available with factory installed blade position switch to connect to smoke control systems and indicate when blades are fully open or fully closed.

Refer to the RT-2000 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Product Bulletin (LIT-1201629) for important product information.


  • 1-1/2 hour fire rating
  • 350°F rated actuators
  • Three-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Shipping in as little as five working days from order entry