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RL-1000 10-Gauge Round Control Damper Catalog Page

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RL-1000 Round Control Damper
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To determine leakage at static pressure differentials higher than 1 inch water gage, multiply leakage at 1 inch (determined from the Damper Leakage Table) by correction factor for higher static pressure (determined from the Leakage Correction Factor Table).

Leakage ratings are based on AMCA Standard 500 using Test Setup Apparatus Figure 5.5. Torque applied holding damper closed at 10 lb·in/sq. ft (1.13 N·m/m3) of damper with minimum of 20 lb·in (2.26 N·m).

Dampers may tolerate higher pressures and velocities than those listed here. Conservative ratings are presented intentionally in an effort to avoid misapplication. Consult your Johnson Controls representative when damper is to be applied in conditions exceeding recommended maximums.