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RA-1270 Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measurement Station Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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Product Bulletin
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  • Accurate, repeatable measurement from 0 fpm to 10,000 fpm
  • Standoff mount fan inlet sensor
  • Cantilevered design
  • Host monitor mounted local or remotely. The host is the user and network interface.
  • Non-proprietary daisy-chain wiring to connect the host and up to 16 client monitor boxes
  • One interface host that supports up to 16 fans of the same or different fan size or type
  • Built-in 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point field-calibration that uses actual airflows. Field-calibration after installation is required to achieve specified accuracy.
  • NEMA 1 host and client enclosures
  • Sensor housing assembly certified to IP-54 rating criteria for IEC 60529, Ed. 2.2 08/29/2013