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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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The normal operation screens display the average temperature and velocity, or volume of the selected fan, or the fan summary of the RA-1270 system. The fan summary shows the average velocity or sum of volume of all configured fans. The top right of the screen indicates the selected fan. For example, FSUM is the fan summary and F01 is fan 1. If configured, fans 1 through 16 are available. Use UP and DOWN to cycle through the displayed fans. Use ESC to bring the display back to the fan summary.

The normal operation display mode is available after system warm-up completes. In normal operation display mode, the second line can sometimes be too long to display everything at once. This can occur when custom text is set for the second line and a large volume displays. If this occurs, the display flashes between the read value and the unit every 3 s on the second line while the second line label displays.

Note: There are three errors that may display. The first placeholder on the first line displays the error character if any are present. If multiple errors are present, the character flashes between the errors.
  • Error 1: * indicates that a sensor or monitor assigned to a fan is not connected or does not respond. See Figure 1.
  • Error 2: # indicates a change in the number of sensors or monitors since the last sensor scan. See Figure 2.
  • Error 3: ! indicates the assignment of duplicate sensors to the same fan number. See Figure 3.
Figure 1. Connection or response error
Figure 2. Error in the number of sensors or monitors
Figure 3. Duplicate sensors assigned