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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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The errors outlined in the following table may occur during calibration or viewing a calibration.

Table 1. Calibration errors
Error Cause Solution
MON Client Did Not Respond The host lost communication with the client assigned to the fan being calibrated or had the calibration that was attempted to be viewed. Check communication wiring for breaks or kinks and ensure all plugs are firmly seated and wires are connected to the correct plug and polarity for the host to client network. Do not over-tighten the cord grip. A pinched cable deters correct communication.
Fan Sensors Not Available To Cal The sensors assigned to the calibrated fan are not in an active state. Check sensors and sensor cables of the calibrated fan and ensure they are firmly plugged in and that there are no breaks or pinches in the cable.

Input Not Saved

Not > Than Prev

The entered calibration point was not greater than the previous calibration point. Each calibration point needs to be greater than the previous point. Use a greater airflow as the calibration point.

Input Not Saved

Out of range

The entered calibration point is out of range. The calibration point must be between 0 fpm and 10,000 fpm. Enter a calibration point within the operating range of 0 fpm to 10,000 fpm.
The user resets all sensors on the network and cycles power to devices for re-inventory. This process re-enables any previously disabled monitors or sensors on the network. Complete the following steps:
  1. While in the Supervisor Menu, use UP or DOWN to scroll to Reset Sensors and press ENTER.
  2. Use UP or DOWN to select Yes for Sensor Reset? to confirm a reset of the sensors.
  3. Press ENTER and the display shows the sensors and monitors being enabled.
  4. The RA-1270 system automatically resets all sensors and devices, then performs a restart and warm-up. The RA-1270 then returns to the normal operational mode.