Navigating the supervisor menu - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014081 - RA-1270 - Airflow Measuring Station - AFMS

RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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In the Supervisor Menu, you can enable or disable monitors or individual sensors. The Supervisor Menu scans all sensors for status updates, and performs diagnostics on alert conditions. The supervisor can also perform a factory default to restore the device to a pre-installation state.

To navigate the Supervisor Menu, complete the following steps:

  1. With power on and the warm-up complete, press MENU, then UP and DOWN until the display shows Operator Menu > Supervisor Menu.
  2. Select Supervisor Menu and press ENTER to activate the menu. The display shows Sensor Mgmt > Fan Arry Config. This enables the user to scroll to each supervisor sub-menu.
  3. If the Supervisor PIN is enabled, the display shows Enter SUPV PIN > 0000.
  4. Enter the four digit PIN to access the Supervisor Menu. Make the PIN entry from left to right, one digit at a time. Scroll up or down to display 0 to 9. When the correct number displays, select ENTER to accept the digit. The cursor automatically moves to the next position. If an error is made after you press ENTER, press ESC to go back and change the digit. When you enter the last digit, the PIN stores in non-volatile memory. If the Supervisor PIN is enabled, you require the PIN each time the Supervisor Menu is entered.
    Note: To access the RA-1270 supervisor menu features, write down and retain the PIN in system configuration documentation for future use. From the factory, the PIN is 2222 and the supervisor PIN is disabled.
  5. When the PIN is correctly entered, the display shows Sensor Mgmt > Fan Arry Config. Use UP and DOWN to scroll through the selections shown in the following table.
    Table 1. Supervisor menu selections
    Supervisor menu sub-menu selections Description
    Sensor Management Enables a scan of the sensor network for active or enabled sensors, and also to enable or disable individual sensors. Displays the current reading of velocity and temperature of each sensor.
    Fan Array Configuration Opens the fan array configuration menu to change the fan count, the number of sensors for each fan, set the fan sensors, and set the field-calibration of each fan.
    Reset Sensor Network Enables the cycling of power to the sensors.
    Factory Default Enables the restoration of the device to the factory default state. Any previous setting made by the operator and supervisor are reset. For example, dimensions, units, balance points, custom text, PINs.
    About Device Displays the firmware version for each device connected to the host monitor. Also displays the host and client serial numbers.
    Enable Supervisor PIN Selection Enables the selection of a PIN to access the Supervisor Menu.
    Change Supervisor PIN Selection Enables a change of the PIN to access the Supervisor Menu.
    Supervisor Menu Exit Returns the display to the main menu.

    When the required selection displays with the arrow, press ENTER to enter the supervisor sub-menu. At any time while in the Supervisor Menu, the user can press MENU to return to normal display mode or scroll to Change Supv PIN > Exit Supv Menu.

  6. Select Exit Supv Menu and press ENTER. Then scroll DOWN to Exit all Menus and press ENTER.