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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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The following flow chart of the Display Configuration Menu includes arrows with button designations to help navigate the setup configuration process. The example in Figure 1 is similar for all operator sub-menu selections. See Table 1 for display configuration selections and options.

Figure 1. Display Configuration Menu flowchart
Table 1. Display configuration
Configuration selections Configuration options
Display Filter Select between 0 and 9 where 0 is off. Filtering is equal to the value times 10%. For example, a value of 2 is 20% filtering. 9 is maximum filtering, 0 is no filtering.
Display Units Select between metric or imperial units.
Display Flow Type Select between velocity or volume.
Line 2 Parameter Select between System Flow or Custom Text for the text that appears on line 2 of the display. The BACnet device name updates to display the custom text when this value is set to Custom Text. You must restart the BACnet service to display changes.
Line 2 Custom Text Select up to sixteen ASCII characters to display on line 2 of the display. Custom text longer than seven characters scrolls one character at a time. Trailing spaces are ignored.
Note: An arrow symbol displays on the left side of the currently selected menu, sub-menu, or option. Scrolling ability for data entry displays an up-down symbol on line 2 of the display. You can edit certain values a single digit or character at a time. The currently selected digit or character for those values blinks.