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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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Display configuration enables the selection of display units, parameters, line 2 customizing, and the level of display filtering from 0 to 9 (0 = off, 9 = 90%).

Table 1. Display configuration sub-menu selections and configuration options
Display configuration sub-menu selections Configuration options
Display Filter Select between 0 and 9 where 0 is off and 9 is maximum filtering. Filtering is equal to the value multiplied by 10%. For example, a value of 2 is 20% filtering.
Display Units Select between metric or imperial units.
Display Flow Type Select between velocity or volume.
Line 2 Parameter Select between System Flow or Custom Text for the text that appears on line 2 of the display. The BACnet device name updates to display the custom text when this value is set to Custom Text. You must restart the BACnet service to display changes.
Line 2 Custom Text Select up to sixteen ASCII characters to display on line 2 of the display. Custom text longer than seven characters scrolls one character at a time. Trailing spaces are ignored.
Note: Press ESC at any time to return to the previous menu and exit without changing any settings.

To configure the display, complete the following steps:

  1. While in the Operator Menu, use UP or DOWN to scroll to Display Config.
  2. Press ENTER to enter the Display Configuration Menu. The display shows Display Filter > Display Units.
  3. Select Display Filter and press ENTER. The display shows the current setting of the filter from 0 to 9. For example, 0 is off, 4 is 40%.
  4. Use UP or DOWN to change the setting. When the required setting displays, press ENTER. The new setting stores in memory and the display returns to the Display Configuration Menu.
  5. Use DOWN to select Display Units and press ENTER.
  6. Use UP or DOWN to select between imperial units and metric units. After selection, press ENTER to return to the Display Configuration Menu.
  7. Use DOWN to select Disp Flow Type and press ENTER.
  8. Use UP or DOWN to select between Volume and Velocity. After selection, press ENTER to return to the Display Configuration Menu.
  9. Use DOWN to select Line 2 Param and press ENTER. The display indicates the current parameter assigned to the display on Line 2, System Flow or Custom Text.
  10. Use UP or DOWN to scroll to the required parameter. Press ENTER and the parameter stores in memory and the display shows Disp Flow Type > Line 2 Param.
  11. Scroll through the remaining Display Configuration Menu settings and make the appropriate system setup changes.
  12. If you select Custom Text in Step 10 and press ENTER, scroll to Line 2 Custom and press ENTER.
  13. Use UP or DOWN to scroll through available characters set.
  14. When the required character displays, press ENTER. The character is stored and the cursor advances one position to the right. Press ESC to back up one character position.
  15. Repeat Step 13 and Step 14 for the remaining character positions. When position 16 is entered, the user exits back to display and the Custom Text stores in memory.
  16. Scroll to Exit this Menu and press ENTER to exit to the Operator Menu. Alternatively, press MENU to return to the normal display mode or press ESC to return to the Operator Menu.